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Web & Email Security

Web & Email Security

When the term ‘inbound threats’ comes up in conversation, thoughts on the topic may at times extend no further than combating virus infection from email attachments. However, there’s more – much more – that needs to be factored in before your company is properly protected from incoming dangers.

Enforce Web & Email Security Solutions

Enforce are a managed service provider partner of Clearswift and as such are able to deliver best of breed web & email security solutions.



Large volumes of incoming spam, for example, can quickly bring company servers to a halt. That’s why Clearswift can proudly boast that TRUSTmanager and SpamLogic technologies can successfully identify and filter almost all spam – far north of 99% at the last count. Moreover, cloud servers are referenced in real time to block the addresses of known spammers so that they are stopped at the gateway, ensuring that local processing time is not wasted.

Problems may also be caused by non-malicious but frivolous files entering your organisation. A supposedly humorous video or joke email innocently received and forwarded by just one employee, for instance, could quickly add up to hundreds of hours of lost productivity, as others pass it on – such is the viral nature of these things. Again, Clearswift’s content-aware inspection technology will weed out offending content at the gateway, before any damage is done.

Finally, the risk posed by externally hosted content should not be overlooked. Though the contentious information may originate from outside your organisation, allowing employees to view offensive, immoral or even illegal material could leave your organisation open to prosecution.

    • Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway transforms the web from a high-risk environment to a place of free and safe collaboration and communication.
    • Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway is an effective and resilient email gateway for 50 to 50,000 users.
    • Clearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTP is a trusted email security solution that will keep communications flowing freely throughout your company. It provides strong protection against spam, malware and data leaks and is highly customisable.


  •  The Clearswift Information Governance Server (IGS) lies at the heart of the Clearswift Aneesya Platform. With the ability to track hundreds of thousands of documents and monitor billions of communication transactions, IGS is a unique Information Governance solution. It has been designed to make it simple for any IT or security professional who is responsible for critical information protection; both to use, and provide essential reports for the CIO, Risk, Audit or Compliance Officer.

Download the Data Sheet to read about the features and benefits of Clearswift’s Information Governance Server

  • Clearswift’s ARgon for Email adds an extra layer of security to an organisation’s existing information security system.  Easy to install and collaborative with most non-Clearswift email gateway products, ARgon automatically removes sensitive data and embedded malicious content from email as it passes in and out of a company network; removing only the exact content that breaks policy and enabling the rest of the communication to continue unhindered.  Argo for Email is direction agnostic, meaning that policies can be applied equally well to incoming as well as outgoing communications, so it can also remove potentially harmful active content from documents before they are opened by a user.

Download the Data Sheet to read about the features and benefits of ARgon for Email.

  • The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway (SEG) offers the latest in inbound threat protection, a multi-layer spam defence mechanism and deep content inspection control on size and types of attachments.  SEG also includes an added layer of protection, incorporating Clearswift’s unique DLP technology, Adaptive Redaction.

Download the Data Sheet and read about the features and benefits of the Clearswift SECURE Email Gatewaytarget.

  • The Clearswift SECURE Exchange Gateway (SXG) safeguards against inappropriate content being internally communicated, supporting both organisational policy and compliance requirements. SXG detects and stops malware, inappropriate file types and identifies violations in conversations based on an easily defined policy based rules.

Download the Data Sheet and read about the features and benefits of the Clearswift SECURE Exchange Gateway.

  •  The Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway (SWG) offers a proactive policy controlled web gateway solution, with structured policies to categorize and define where, when and for how long users are able to surf for. Can scan the content of downloads to detect malware from entering the organization and runs HTTP/S scanning of traffic to detect content violations.

Download the Data Sheet and read about the features and benefits of the Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway.

  • The Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway (SIG)enables organizations to apply deep content inspection, adaptive redaction and data loss prevention technologies to existing web security architectures, with no disruption to their current infrastructure giving full control of the information flowing through users’ browsing traffic. 

Download the Data Sheet and read about the features and benefits of the Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway.

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